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Tom & Linda
Oatman, Arizona
Historic Route 66

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        Old Time Photos of you taken by by Tom & Linda! Linda gets you all dressed up in clothing reminiscent of the Old Wild West.

        We then get you posed and fixed up with many choices of props. Pistols, rifles and shotguns plus fans and boas for the ladies. We have clothing that fits all sizes and from babies to grown ups!


Located at 88 Main Street Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66!

otp_003 jpg        The best way to describe having an Old Time Photo taken is just plain and simple... FUN!!! Everyone that has had their photo taken here at the Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos has had justotp_005 that a lot of fun and it makes many memories for your trip here to Oatman, Arizona. And not only that it has made many memories for us as well. We save the photos that we have taken so if something happens to your photo or you would like extras sent to you give us a call or email and we can get your photos to you.

        Photo sizes range from 8x10, each setting you get your costume and photo taken and one 8x10 in an old time looking photo frame. There are many options after your initial setting and first photo. You can get a sheet of 5x7's which 2 photos fit per sheet. Or you can have 4x6's where Photo frame jpg3 fit to a sheet. 3.5x5's and 4 fit to a sheet. Wallet size photos and 9 fit to a sheet. We don't limit to one pose if you like other poses that we have taken of you can mix and match on sheets where 2 or more can fit.

        We also have a variety of frames ranging from sizes 3.5x5 up to 11x14. Our old timeotp_007 jpg photo frames that hold the 8x10 photos will fit in an 11x14 making a very nice looking picture to hang on your wall. 5x7 photo frames will fit in an 8x10 frame also making for a very nice picture to hang.

        All photos are taken with a Canon 8 megapixel camera. Most sittings from time you come in and get a costume on, photo taken and pick your photo out and printed is usually no more than 20 minutes. Depending on amount of photos requested time can vary. We have also done many touch ups before printing out the finished photo. And custom made Post Cards and Wanted Posters are available as well. Your photo in a postcard with any caption you can come up with. And also your photo on an authentic looking Wanted Poster from the Old Wild West with your name and what you are wanted for and how much you think your reward is worth all great fun!

More photos to come please check back often!

Call 928-234-0344 or Email Making Memories Old Time Photos  for Prices or Setting up an Appointment.

Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos
Tom & Linda Woodard
88 Main Street
Oatman, Arizona 86433
Phone: 928-234-0344

Please Email Us Anytime!


Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos Making Memories in Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66.
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